Melda Denita also known as Spiritual Chick Mel was born and raised in Georgia. She is a married mother of four who loves collecting tarot decks, creating tarot spreads, studying astrology, reading books, listening to music, shopping and spending time with her family. Melda was always low key interested in psychic hotlines and palm readers.  She started studying tarot a year ago. To become more familiar with the cards she started doing tarot readings for herself. She came across tarot spreads on Pinterest and instantly feel in love. She loves tarot spreads because they ask specific questions which were very helpful in her beginning stages of learning tarot. As time went on she realized that working with the spreads and doing readings for herself was not only increasing her intuition, but it was helping her grow spiritually.  She has been working with tarot spreads ever since and loves it so much that she began to create her own. Mel is now an intuitive tarot reader and she created this blog to share her experience on her spiritual journey.

Mission & Vision:

Tarot Spreads give you insight on certain situations. The tarot spreads that I create ask a set of questions that will prompt you to think about yourself in a healthy way. It is my hope that the answers you receive through the tarot cards will give you greater knowledge and understanding about yourself and your life. I can honestly say that this is what tarot has done for me and I want to share that with you all.