Why I do my own readings

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I am fairly new to the tarot community so I started out doing readings for myself as a means to become more familiar with the cards. I came across some tarot spreads on Pinterest that I thought would be good to help me along my spiritual journey. I was only going to write my readings down in a journal anyway. But I felt a nudging in my spirit to post my readings on a blog.

Doing these different spreads have been very therapeutic for me.

Tarot Spreads have been a blessing

It has helped increase my intuition and have been very insightful in my spiritual evolution. Although I enjoy doing my own readings it’s not easy because the cards don’t always show me what I want to see. However I’m learning to trust the message spirit is trying to convey.

For a while now I’ve considered myself to be more of a spiritual person rather than religious and reading tarot cards for myself has helped me take my spirituality to another level. A level I’ve never dreamed of seeing. It has help me tap into a part of myself I never knew existed. I just want to share what I’m learning in hopes that it may help someone else. If you do tarot readings for yourself I would love to hear how it has been beneficial for you.

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