How my tarot journey started

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

"How did you start doing Tarot? It was an accident."

My tarot journey

It all started because my daughter wanted a book about crystals and astrology for Christmas. So I went to Barnes and nobles. and found her an astrology book. Then I walked over to this table where they had books on sale and right next to the book about crystals was this small book about Tarot. I was low key interested in tarot a little bit. So I decided to buy the book. I would watch this lady do readings on YouTube and I would always wonder “how in the hell does she know what those cards mean?” So the book definitely caught my attention. But when I got the book home I hide it because I was told in the past that tarot cards were bad so I didn’t want anyone to know that I had it. The book stayed packed up in a chest for about four months.

One day I was going through some of my things to give away to the goodwill and guess what I stumbled upon? My tarot book! It was sitting right there waiting for me to pick it up. I said to myself “you know what I’m gonna go ahead and read this damn book!” And I’ve been into tarot ever since and I enjoy it. Reading tarot cards has helped me take my spirituality to another level. A level I’ve never dreamed of seeing. It has help me tap into a part of myself I never knew existed. The journey has been amazing and overwhelming at the same time. But I wouldn’t change it. I’m grateful for the experience.

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